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Disabled: Trying to stay on S.S.D, won't have money to pay bills, eat or get medicine, won't be

Trying to stay on S.S.D, won't have money to pay bills, eat or get medicine, won't be able to get surgery on my back. I'm panicking.
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Piamyr   in reply to Miller2000   on


Hello Miller how are you I am raising my cousins two boys, I am handicapped and I am on Dialysis and have diabetes. The boy's are in sports and I have to get them to games as well as myself to medical appointments also for them. So I am hoping that I can get a car to accommodate the need. It would be deeply appreciated.I able to comply with the insurance and maintenance needs of the state and car. Thank you for taking the time to talk to me.
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CHRISTMAS HELP, autism: Help!!!! I need a christmas miracle unexpected my son was admitted to the hospital 2

Help!!!! I need a christmas miracle unexpected my son was admitted to the hospital 2 weeks ago and transported to a hospital 6 hours away all the money i had for christmas i had to use to get him from the hospital unfortunately this is beyind his control i need someone to adoot him for christmas
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I am 42, have chronic fatigue, and pain, labeled as Fibromyalgia. Which also causes me to be depressed, and anxious about everything. I have been having to live with this illness, and fear for the past 12 years. I have worked on and off, but am unable to hold a job for very long. I am in the application process for ssi, and have not worked now for 2 years. I live modestly at my mothers, and I have about tapped her out. Where I am single, 42, unemployed, and not yet deemed disabled, I am broke, and out of options...that's why I am here.
Now I will get to the point. My illness has made it so I have become dependant on prescription medication. I need 400.00 a month for the treatment program in my area. If the person, or people, willing to help me, would like, they could pay the treatment center directly the 400.00, or what ever amount would be graciously accepted.
Thank you for your time.
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HELP.....Physically disabled, poor and need to get home to Texas. Came to Iowa to stay

HELP.....Physically disabled, poor and need to get home to Texas. Came to Iowa to stay with 2 of my children to recover from Major Neuro Surgery to neck. My own children have financially drained me, ruined my car. I need to get back home as lost one parent while stuck in Iowa and now my father is in a nursing home and our families home sits empty. Have older sister who I only trust to serve her own selfish needs. I'm also in need of surgery again and all my specialists are in Texas. I have a place to stay in TX and I also have a current TX Nursing License with many opportunities for FT/PT or agency employment. I just need to get back home. I realize that many people are in a financial crisis. I believe in the Concept of Paying forward. If I can just get back home to Texas, I would be in a position to help others. For all practical purposes I'm basically homeless. Please help or point me in the direction where I can find help. Thank you and God bless.
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56 year old Female Permanently Disabled, Lost everything to black mold, kitchen set,

56 year old Female Permanently Disabled, Lost everything to black mold, kitchen set, recliners, all winter clothes, leather coat, etc. I had to Move out as my Cat Midnight got sick and had a tumor in intestines. I had to lose her too as NO PETS allowed and the new place is so small I would have no room for her. She is still In animal Rescue and my heart is broken everyday. I need $500 to get a vacuum and at least a kitchen set, a coat and some pants. Please I am a Christian woman strong in my faith and my Church got me a bedroom set and the folding chair I am sitting on. Please Help if you can. God bless you.
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Mortgage assistance, home repairs for low income: I have always been a huge giver and I hate to ask for help.

I have always been a huge giver and I hate to ask for help. But, my mother in law died this past February, my wife lost her job and I fell behind on my mortgage. I owe 1500 to the bank. I seriously need some help and willing to pay it back. I never thought that I would ever be in this situation. I have always been good at budgeting. After my mother in law died, its like everything that could go wrong with my home did. I had to be support for my wife that tested our faith and I have a young child that I had to really watch because she was so close to her. Somehow through all of that, I lost my focus and got behind on my mortgage. I am humbling myself and asking for help. If anyone can help me that would be a blessing. I dont want access to the money, it can be sent directly to my mortgage company. Thanks for taking time to read this. I can sustain my family from here on out. I just need a boost to get me back on track. Please pray about helping and when I am in a better position, I promise I will help others. Thank You.
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donation, help in time of need: I am desperately trying to raise money for several life changing goals that

I am desperately trying to raise money for several life changing goals that will help me to secure a better future for myself. I am begging for the publics help in making a difference in one life. Please give me the option to fight these mental health issues and get my life back from the horrors that have been plaguing me for years now. I'm only 29, but have had the last almost 10 years stolen from not just mental health issues but being the victim of a very cold and brutally violent attack that left me with 3 titanium plates and screws in my face and a severe nerve disorder which causes excruciating pain.
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desprate mother   in reply to succoach   on

my name is janet hall i am a disabled mother of two disabled children and i am looking for help to pay for greyhound tickets so my children and i can get home to wi by my husband. we came here in february with hopes to start a new life and on april 11th my husband had to make an emergency trip back to wi and wont beable to come back to az. my children and i are now stranded in az until we can get help. our only income is the checks we recieve for mine and our childrens disablities and it isnt much last minute tickets would cost us almost $800 leaveing us with very little to get houseing for our family when we got back to wi if i can get help and pay for the tickets in advance we could leave the 28th for only $350. my children and i would be homeless right now if it werent for a good friend that we hadnt even known until april. when my husband had to return to wi he gave us a place to stay and has been supporting us the best he can as all of my ssi checks this month had to go to my husband. my children and i are very scared and have never been away from my husband before and with my agoraphobia i have really had a hard time without him. we have now been apart about a month and really need to get home. if u can help please i know u said no email addresses or phone number but i am a desprate mother in need of help now ... thank you for your time Janet
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I have cerebral palsy which affects 1 side only and how I walk. Because of this disability I have fallen often. About 8 years ago I fell and hit right on my mouth. Because of that fall I damaged the bone on my lower jaw. The bone around a front tooth has slowly deteriorated to the point that to repair it the dentist with have to pull the tooth, build up the bone, and then replace the tooth with a porcelain crown--I have access to about $1300. to get started but will need another $2050 for full payment. I'm on SSI and my income is only $721.00/month. Medicaid will pay for the extraction of the tooth and I'm responsible for the rest. Any financial assistance would be appreciated. If you know of a church or organization that can assist that referral would also be appreciated.
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I'm a disabled mother if five wonderful children. Recently I was told I have MS as well other health issues that have plagued me for the last two decades. Just recently I was also informed of a mass taking over 60% of my liver. We only have my husbands income and when I have the seizures he has to stay home without pay to care for me and the two of our five children that are too little to attend school. We have just applied for food stamps and heating assistance but were told there is a huge back up and it could take months to get the much needed assistance. We are so broke, and now the holiday is upon us. I had been saving every penny and had barely 200 dollars saved up for presents. But two days ago I was in a car accident, I slid on black ice and went off into a ditch, the tow truck to just pull it out was $135, and the front end is damaged so I have to pay for repairs with a $500 dollar deductible. I don't have anything anymore! I don't know what to do, most of the charities( ironically that I have devotedly given to for years) have November deadlines, so no assistance there. I don't have family other than the kids so no one to borrow from either. I just need alittle help, Please! My illness causes so many hardships and heartbreaks, my kids never complain but I know they wish our lives were better, that I was better, and they could have even a fraction if what the other kids at school have. I hate the fact that I am such a financial burden on everyone. I don't know how long I have left, I don't want them to have an empty tree and that be the last Christmas they remember with me. Can anyone help me? If you can, I don't know how to thank you! You will always be in our prayers. And if you can't then I wish you happy holidays for you and yours. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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dooner   in reply to Lcollver   on

DO YOU NEED A FREE CAR? This is no joke,it's very real..

I have stage 5 kidney disease and have to travel an hour and a half twice a month.I have no vehicle.I need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I'm a single dad with a degree in electronics. I have full custody if 2 children with disabilities. My son Noah who's 8 has autism. My daughter Jade has ODD ADHD and depression. We need help for finding a home to live. We also need help for Christmas. Just recently my chrildrens mom had temp custody of my kids. She abandoned them right away and stool 10000 dollars in SSI checks. I regained custody and now there is a real threat that we will become homeless. We live with my parents who
Lost there retirement through USAIRWAYS stock. I would give my left kidney for a place to live if I had too. Where can I get help?? God bless and thank you we are completely broke hungry and need help asap. thanks again.
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CHRISTMAS HELP, holiday assistance: Christmas is coming fast, ughhhh :(

Christmas is coming fast, ughhhh :(
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i am disabled I need money to pay bills I can not work. thank you! please donate money to me through paypal thank you!

if you cant donate please shop on my website, I have been asking for money but no one will donate, so I made up a website where you can shop 30-80% OFF. I am hoping people will shop on my website I get a small commisson when someone buys something through my website.
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Hi my name is ana I am 18 years old and I come from a low income family in San Diego. We have been struggling the past 7 years since my stepdad suffered from a back injury and ever since has not been able to work, the only source of income in my home is my mother who is currently cleaning houses for money to make ends meet and pay for rent, she works really hard . I am a full time college student and I'm finding it incredibly difficult to find a job. To top it all off I suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder & depression which limits me from doing things i would love to do. Our situation puts me in an even worse position and thats why I'm here asking for help we are in desperate need of clothes and shoes. Money is definitely needed under the given circumstances but all I ask is for any possible contribution to me and my family, I didn't think I could ever ask for anything from people but I do not want to spend another gloomy christmas day. If anyone out there could lend a helping hand for clothes and gifts for my family I would be so thankful; Ashley, 9yrs old Clothing size 9 & shoe size 3. My brother Luis is 12yrs old Size Medium clothing and Shoe size 6. Destiny 6yrs Size 6, Shoe size 12. Dulce is 4yrs Size 4 & Shoe Size 10. I am 18 yrs old Size Medium, Shoes 8 1/2. God Bless you all & happy holidays! please email me back at Thank you and god bless :)
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CHRISTMAS HELP, christmas: My names is Rebecca I am a mother of 3 children a little girl 2, a little boy 2( I

My names is Rebecca I am a mother of 3 children a little girl 2, a little boy 2( I took him in) and my baby boy who is 15 months. My baby boy recently was diagnosed with hydrocephalus as well as other problems we are unaware of at the time. I can not keep a job due to the fact of his speratic appts. I am physically and financially weak. I would appreciate it if anyone would be able to help out with winter clothes as well as Christmas fort babies. Any help would be appreciated ! God bless u all and I thank u for reading!
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Kp0323   in reply to angelswithfaith888   on

To adopt a family for Christmas in Georgia contact Angels with Faith Ministries

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping so many families. I don't know if I'm supposed to post here but I have two children 16 and 17 that are too old to be helped by other programs. My mother in law also lives with us. As a single disabled woman it is hard for me to maintain my severe manic depression knowing Christmas is so close and I have no way to save or do anything for it. I don't want a thing for myself but I the peace of mind that will come from knowing they will have presents under the tree. Thank you for your consideration.
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Disabled, SSI: I was on SSI and Medicate, Medicare and the Washcap program tell I got married then social

I was on SSI and Medicate, Medicare and the Washcap program tell I got married then social security took my. SSI away said my husband made to much he only makes in a month $1400. DSHS took me off all my medical to I need your help for my medication Any amount will help starting at $6.00 and up email me for address were to send money order only!
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Jojo1020   in reply to AidpageTeam   on


I wrote about myself thinking I was writing to someone, a team, a board, anyone that could hear my story and may try to imagine walking anywhere in my shoes for a little bit and maybe willing to talk more if needed or get some guidance on who can help me. Thank you for taking your time to learn more about me.
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